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Dolce Vita Vintage Collar

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Product Details

Dolce Vita necklace in the collar style with big square pendant. Late 80s early 90s. Material is pewter, making it not too heavy. Light gold with fased silver parts. The style is greek/ roman ancient inspired. Good condition, but vintage so there is some light oxidation. 

The history of the French costume jewelry brand Dolce Vita (Sweet Life) began in a small Parisian workshop in the late 1970s. Made by hand, the company’s products are easily recognizable as they have their own unique style. These are statement geometric, haute couture, bold designs, and the use of textured “crumpled gold”. Also, silver plating, lucite, art glass imitating amber, amethyst, and other semi-precious stones. An other characteristic feature is the absence or rare use of rhinestones and enamels, so typical for most costume jewelry companies. Traditionally, Dolce Vita jewelry is always a symbiosis of French chic and excellent quality, as well as a great addition to the collection for lovers of vintage designer jewelry. The company ceased to exist in the late 1990s. ( 

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